Sample Sale at Wolfers Lighting

Posted on Aug 03, 2015 by Steve

Save 20% to 50% on select display samples during our Sample Sale!

Summer is a great time for bargain hunters. At Wolfers Lighting, we have incredible markdowns on select displays in both our Waltham and Allston showrooms. Preview a few of the sale items below, and get as much as 20% to 50% off!


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Celebrate Mass Tax Free Weekend 2015 at Wolfers!

Posted on Jul 31, 2015 by admin

It's almost time for the Massachusetts tax free weekend. This annual two-day event sends throngs of people to various stores throughout the Commonwealth, thanks to the tax "holiday" that allows people to get 6.25% off selected items.

As awesome as this weekend is, we also know how overwhelming and exhausting it can be, which is why we offered a double tax promotion for the month of July 2015. Depending on when you're reading this article, you might still qualify! The offer expires on August 1, 2015.

But if you missed out, don't worry! In fact, recessed, track, Lutron, exhaust fans, and special orders were not part of our double-tax discount offer, but they ARE available for the tax free weekend on August 15 and August 16.

We want to help you make the most of the tax-free holiday! If you visit one of our lighting showrooms prior to the end. You get the savings, but without all the crowds!

Here's what you need to do:

  • Stop by our Waltham or Allston lighting showroom sometime between now and August 15.

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Get Double Tax Savings at Wolfers Lighting All Month Long!

Posted on Jul 10, 2015 by Andrea

July is such a great month, isn't it? Everything moves just a tad slower—no rushing the kids off to school, no rushing to make it into work, no rushing around looking for ice melt and generators.

That said, July will be over before we know it. And while August has its pluses, August does feel, well, busier. Even the Mass Tax Free Weekend (a great tax holiday where you get 6.25% off selected items) has a rushed feeling to it. Yes, the savings are wonderful. But the crowds? Not so much.

Well, guess what? In an effort to give you great savings without all the hustle and bustle the tax holiday brings, we have a special promotion available for you this month.



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Tax Free Lighting – Save 6.25% August 16th and 17th

Posted on Jul 15, 2014 by Kate Hazen


Plan Your Tax-Free Savings Now

Each year, the Massachusetts State Legislature allows retailers to forego paying sales tax for one weekend (Just Announced! Tax-Free weekend will be August 16 and 17). The savings amount of 6.25% is a great incentive to purchase the lights for your new home or renovation project.

Plan your lighting order to take advantage of these tax savings. Visit our Waltham and Allston showrooms and select from a wide variety of styles. Wolfers has taken the tax-free concept* one step further. Prior to the weekend, come in and talk to our lighting experts. We will help you plan your lighting layout and specify the lighting you require that is perfect for your project. We will process your transaction on the designated tax-free weekend.


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