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The Best in Portable Floor Lamps

Posted on Nov 04, 2016 by Steve

We've written about our favorite LED task lamps and desk lamps. Now, check out the portable floor lamp versions in our showrooms

Remember, portable floor lamps offer many benefits:

  • Get the energy efficiency of LED with the focus and adjustability of a task lamp.
  • Effortlessly add light to any room.
  • Easily move the lamps from space to space, home to home, dorm room to dorm room (you get the idea).
  • Add yet another element that reflects/reinforces the room's décor.

We have a great selection of floor lamps that are equal parts functional and stylish. Here are some of our current faves.


1. LED Floor Lamp from Koncept's "Mosso" Collection. Koncept's table lamp version has been one of our longtime favorites, and the floor lamp is just as great. We love its tunable color temperature as well as how easy it is to adjust.


Wolfers Lighting Wins Silver Award for Best Marketing Event

Posted on Oct 17, 2016 by Steve

In addition to our recent announcement that our own Susan Arnold recently won a Gold Award for Best Salesperson, Wolfers Lighting also was honored with a Silver Award for Best Marketing Event at the BRAGB 2016 Prism Awards Thursday, October 6.

Wolfers was honored for programming our three-seminar series in April for Boston Design Week. Two seminars were offered, LED 101: A Wolfers Home Lighting Seminar and LED Applications for Kitchen and Bath.

In LED 101: A Wolfers Home Lighting Seminar our aim was to educate and empower our customers with the industry basics that we use with every sale. Color temperature, CRI, dimming, and even a quick lesson about what makes up an LED fixture was all covered.


All You Need Is Light

Posted on Oct 06, 2016 by Steve



The artisans at Quoizel have been creating beautiful lighting for homeowners since 1930. Their search for craftsmanship has led them to tap natural materials from exotic lands around the globe, applying hands-on techniques that have been passed down through generations. From vintage to contemporary designs, you will find your personal lighting style at Wolfers.

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Wolfers Lighting Sample Sale Still Going Strong

Posted on Sep 07, 2016 by Steve

Last month, we highlighted the incredible sample sale* we have going on in both showrooms, specifically the great offerings from The Minka Group.

Today, we're shining the spotlight on Hudson Valley Lighting fixtures, including the following, all of which you can get for 40% off through the month of September (while supplies last).

As our regular blog readers know, we're huge fans of Hudson Valley Lighting's timeless style and fantastic quality.


1. The Edison 2-Light Sconce in Polished Nickel. There are so many reasons to love this fixture. The mouth-blown "schoolhouse glass," vintage cast socket holders, and classic American design are just a few.


Designer Lighting Brands: Spotlight on Arteriors

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 by Steve

We're big fans of Arteriors, a manufacturer of luxury residential and commercial lighting, decorative accessories, and gorgeous furniture.


Wolfers Lighting Sample Sale: Get 'Em While They Last!

Posted on Aug 08, 2016 by Steve

Save up to 40% OFF select display samples during our Sample Sale!


So many incredible lighting products, so little time. Make sure you stop by Wolfers Lighting soon so you can take advantage of our awesome sample sale.

We'll be marking down selections throughout both lighting showrooms—some by as much as 40%! Note: this sample sale applies to display and stocked items only (in other words, no special orders).

Below are just some of the items up for grabs.


Landscape Lighting Ideas: Fabulous Fixtures for Summer

Posted on May 27, 2016 by Steve

We've talked about landscape lighting's many benefits, including curb appeal, safety for people going in and out of your home, and overall security. Not to mention that landscape lighting allows you to add your own personal aesthetic to your front and backyards.

But what do you need to know if you haven't selected or installed any landscape lighting before? Below you'll find some tips and other landscape lighting ideas that will get your home's exterior and yard in tip-top shape in no time.

How to determine where to place outdoor fixtures:

  • Use a flashlight at night to help determine which areas need illumination. Walk around your property and note "danger zones," such as darkened pathways, ramps, stairs, and so forth (leaving these areas in the dark could be dangerous—think of people tripping or falling).
  • Note architectural details and other special features (such as water fountains) that get lost in shadows. Also, note areas where people like to congregate after the sun goes down, like a backyard porch.
  • Test any existing outdoor lamps (such as the one by the front door) to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Take a step back when considering existing outdoor fixtures. Do you need to replace any bulbs? Do the fixtures match the look and feel of your home's overall aesthetic? Do they light everything properly? Too often, we see homes where people have installed an outside light based solely on how it looks, rather than how well it works at lighting up that particular area.

Types of landscape lighting to consider:

We're seeing more and more LED fixtures for landscaping applications. This is good news, since LEDs offer long lifetimes, durable modules (no filaments to break), and high light output with lower wattage.


Our Bestselling Recessed LED Light Fixtures

Posted on May 02, 2016 by Steve

Even though they're a little more expensive up front, recessed LED light fixtures are a smart choice for several reasons:

1. They provide energy efficiency (and plenty of savings!) in areas of the home where you keep the lights on for longer periods.
2. They're easier to maintain (you won't be changing bulbs).
3. They offer plenty of great looks and colors. In fact, we're seeing more and more recessed LEDs that mimic incandescent "warm dimming" (meaning as the light dims, the glow is more of a warm amber hue).

Here are a few of our favorite recessed LED light fixtures in three different sizes. You can see all of these in action in our LED lighting labs in Waltham and Allston-- and a Wolfers Lighting Consultant can help determine the right size and type of fixture to use in your space.

1. Halo H4. The Halo H4 LED lighting system offers a wide range of color temperatures, dimming capabilities, applications (shower, insulated, non-insulated), and trims, with a 4" opening. 

The Halo's three separate components provide plenty of flexibility and ultimate control:

  • Housing. Your contractor will love the flexibility the Halo's separate housing offers them as they plan and place the housings in your ceiling. From there, your contractor can come back and add trims and engines.
  • Engine (LED). Available in regular downlights with adjustable gimbals that let you put light where you want it to go.
  • Trims. Choose from a variety of finishes (including "designer" finishes, such as bronze and satin nickel) as well as lensed and non-lensed versions.

2. Lightolier 3" LyteCaster LED Downlight. This general-purpose downlight has shallow housing,


Lighting Trends: All About Orbs

Posted on Mar 18, 2016 by Steve

Orbs are equal parts decorative and functional, and we saw them everywhere at this year's Lightovation light show in Dallas, so the trend is here to stay.

This is no surprise to us, of course. Thanks to their globe-like shape and abundant finishes, materials, and styling options, orbs can work beautifully in a variety of settings, including foyers, kitchens, and dining rooms. Not to mention they cast plenty of light up and down.

Check out some of our top picks in orb light fixtures below:  

  1. Luna from Crystorama. On display in our Waltham showroom, this eight light orb chandelier from Crystorama boasts English Bronze on the outside and Antique Gold on the inside, a combo that's sure to wow any space.
  1. Oberlin from Murray Feiss. This two-light pendant adorned with graduated Clear Rondure beads is part of the Oberlin Collection from Murray Feiss. Two LED modules shine light down and up to illuminate the spectacular crystal beads, and the "warm-dimming" feature means that this orb will imitate the warming glow of incandescent as it dims (i.e. as incandescent lights dim, they glow more amber). This gorgeous light is coming soon to both showrooms.

Strategies in Lighting for the Aging Eye: Think Holtkötter

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 by Steve

As we age, changes in our corneas, pupils, and lenses make translating visual stimuli into images more difficult (as anyone over the age of 40 who's encountered the "my arms aren't long enough" phenomenon can attest!).  

While many lighting manufacturers keep this in mind as they design products, one manufacturer stands out, thanks to its excellent research: Holtkötter Lighting.

As its website explains, "Holtkötter has initiated and supported research at the University of Colorado at Boulder to study and develop the scientific basis of lighting for the aging eye and to research how good lighting can mitigate the effects of the natural physical changes that we all are subjected to as time passes."

As Holtkötter has learned, "good lighting" happens in the details. Think full range dimming controls, moveable reflectors, and infinite arm positions in task lamps. The best part? Holtkötter doesn't skimp on style…the company has found a way to design gorgeous pieces while keeping the aging eye in mind.

Here are two of our favorite Holtkötter Lighting products available at Wolfers.