Ask the Lighting Expert: How to Clean and Care for Light Fixtures

Posted on Sep 24, 2018 by Marty

So, you've found the perfect light fixture and you've installed it in your home.

Now what?

Here's a roundup of our best care and cleaning tips to keep your fixture looking its best year after year. (Note: if your fixture came with cleaning instructions from the manufacturer, follow those instead. These are general tips in case your fixture didn't come with any care and maintenance instructions.)

In general, the "secret" to keeping your lights shining bright is regular cleaning. By "regular," we mean at least a couple times a year, if you can manage it.


Why should you regularly clean your light fixtures?

Regular cleaning keeps dust and debris from building up, ensuring you can clean with a gentle hand (and it can make the chore go a little more quickly as well). Regular cleaning is also especially important in rooms like kitchens (think cooking grease and steam in the air) and bathrooms (think high humidity).



Staff Spotlight:  Meet Todd Gaito from System 7

Posted on Sep 18, 2018 by Marty

We've been sharing a bunch of staff "spotlights" in recent months, and for good reason! Since our merger with The Boston Shade Company and System 7, our staff has grown quite a bit.

So today, we'd like you to meet Todd Gaito who works as the director of sales for our technology division, System 7. 

How long have you been in the technology design field? What led you to it?  

Todd: I've been in the field for four years now. Prior to this, I spent 13 years in the security industry. I like to think that my transition to the technology-design space was a natural h progression for my career since technology and security have many similarities.  I'm also a big fan of gadgets and technology as a whole, so making the move made a lot of sense.

How and when did you come to work at System 7?      

Todd: A few years ago, the security company I worked for was featured in an article of CE Pro, which is a popular trade magazine. In the article, the owner of the company and I were discussing how technology companies can attain recurring revenue on their projects.


Lighting Design Secrets: Accent Lighting Can Add Pizzazz to Your Home

Posted on Sep 12, 2018 by Marty

While ambient lighting and task lighting are primarily functional (e.g., does the room have enough general light to see by? Is there enough light to perform a particular task?), accent lighting is all about improving your home's décor while reinforcing your design aesthetic.

Need inspiration for adding that extra little something-something that will make your room design pop? Check out our favorite accent lighting techniques below.