Tunable-White LEDs: Taking Over Classrooms (and More!)

Posted on Mar 30, 2018 by Andrea


We talked about tunable- white LEDs in an earlier blog post, which covered the basics. Now, let's dig deeper into the benefits of using tunable-white in places like schools, office buildings, and hospitals.

First, a quick recap. At its simplest, a tunable-white fixture uses LED "color mixing" to create different shades of white with varying color temperatures (i.e., warm tones, cool tones).

Why does this matter? More and more studies suggest that the lighting in our environments affects us. This isn't a big revelation, of course. All we need to do is think about how we feel in the fall when it gets darker earlier—we find our energy waning as well. Or during the summer months, we tend to have more energy, thanks to the longer days.


A Wolfers' Guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted on Mar 24, 2018 by Andrea

You've likely been hearing about the Internet of Things (IoT) more and more, thanks to the explosion in smart home technology. But what, exactly, is the IoT?


The best way to explain it is through examples. Do you wear a Fitbit that counts the number of steps you take each day? Can you turn your home's security system on and off through your smartphone? Have you programmed your thermostat to your perfect "wake up" temperature? Or maybe you have electric shades in your bedroom that open and close depending on when the sun shines. Or maybe you work in an office building that tracks who's entered—and when—and adjusts room temperature accordingly.

These are all examples of the Internet of Things—connected devices that produce dizzying amounts of data. Consider this:

  • Cisco reports that by the year 2020, the IoT will comprise of more than 30 billion connected devices.
  • According to this article in Forbes, the Boston Consulting Group says the IoT market will reach $267 billion 2020.

Outdoor Lighting Tips for Spring

Posted on Mar 16, 2018 by Andrea

Finally, the days are getting longer and spring is in the air! Here are three springtime tasks to add to your to-do list. Trust us—come summer, you'll be glad you did.

1.Audit your outdoor lighting. Before you know it, you'll be doing more entertaining outside. Think hosting backyard BBQs, making s'mores around the fire pit, and lounging by the pool. While we're all looking forward to extended daylight, you should still consider your outdoor lighting. (Not to mention that adding the right outdoor lights can instantly improve your home's curb appeal as well.)

  • Check existing fixtures to make sure they cast enough light for guests to see up the driveway and/or along any paths that lead to the front door.

  • Check to make sure your patio lighting is sufficient to entertain/eat/relax outside after the sun goes down.

New Product Alert: Minka-Aire Ceiling Fans Just Got Smarter

Posted on Mar 10, 2018 by Andrea

Picture this: it's springtime in Massachusetts. You're lounging in the family room on a lazy Sunday morning. Maybe you're reading a book, doing the Sunday crossword, or binging on your favorite Netflix show before heading outside to play soccer with the kids.

But the air is feeling stuffier and stuffier…yet you don't want to get up to turn on the ceiling fan. Wouldn't it be great if you could just tell Alexa to handle it? Or tap an app on your phone?

Why, yes it would.

The good news? You can.

Last month, we discussed some of the great new products at Lightovation in Dallas, including fixtures and fans that integrate with smartphone and tablet apps, adding to the growing number of connected devices that make up the Internet of Things (more on the IoT in a future article).

Today, we're here to talk about one of these awesome integrations: Minka-Aire and BOND Home by Olibra. We've written about Minka-Aire's excellent ceiling fans before. Now, you can control your new (or existing) Minka-Aire fan with BOND's system and app (available for smartphone or tablet). And this technology is coming soon to our Waltham showroom.


Designer Lighting Showcase: Artemide

Posted on Mar 06, 2018 by Andrea

We've spoken at length about some of our favorite American designer lighting brands, such as Hubbardton Forge and Tech Lighting. But now we'd like to shine the spotlight on one of favorite Italian lines: Artemide.

Established in 1959, Artemide specializes in lighting designed by architects and prominent designers. We love Artemide's sleek, contemporary stylings, which are often iconic. Think modern task lighting and gorgeous pendants.

And if you're worried about lead time, don't be: Artemide generally keeps stock in its East Coast warehouse to ship across America.

So now, let's look at some of our favorite pieces:

1. Tizio Classic Table Lamp. The adjustable head and counterweight provide a sleek look and excellent task lighting. See it in black in both showrooms.