Your Questions about LED Recessed Lighting Answered

Posted on Nov 25, 2017 by Andrea


If you're renovating or if you're building a new home, recessed lighting has probably crossed your mind, and why not? It's one of the most common approaches to ambient lighting—and for good reason.

Recessed lighting benefits:

  • Aesthetics. Because lighting is recessed above the ceiling plane, the room feels bigger. Also, recessed lights are unobtrusive. They don't draw attention to themselves.
  • Versatility. Paired with a dimmer, recessed lighting offers many uses of a single space—it can allow plenty of light to see by and then be dimmed down based on your needs..


What kinds of recessed lighting are available?

  • The most straightforward, these fixtures cast light downward and are available in a variety of apertures, thanks to LEDs. Recessed downlights make perfect ambient lighting.
  • Adjustable fixtures. Adjustable fixtures offer the flexibility of manual aiming so you can zero in on something specific

Man Cave Lighting Tips: Game-Day Essentials

Posted on Nov 18, 2017 by Andrea


Let's face it: if you live in New England, then Sundays are all about football. Whether you watch with the whole family in the living room or you hang out in your man cave with your best buds, we have some lighting tips that will enhance everyone's viewing experience.

Understand lighting basics.

  • Ambient lighting is general lighting, or the main lighting that exists in the room.
  • Accent lighting is a fun way to personalize a media room or living room. For example, light a display case that features your favorite player's jersey. Or use sconces for a decorative touch, one that can also provide just enough light to navigate to the snack table and back.
  • Task lighting helps you do certain tasks. We typically talk about task lighting in the kitchen (for doing things like chopping veggies) or bathroom (shaving, applying makeup), but it also figures into our entertainment spaces. "Bias lighting" alleviates eyestrain that results from watching TV in a dark room. 

Bathroom Lighting Bestsellers

Posted on Nov 12, 2017 by Andrea

The most popular bathroom vanity lights tend to work double duty, meaning they add a wonderful decorative touch while providing that all-important task lighting for things like shaving, flossing, and applying makeup.

Elsewhere in the bathroom, both recessed and flush mount fixtures (as well as additional sconces) are always popular (and the flush mounts and sconces come in many finishes and design styles).

Let's look at some of our current bestsellers, shall we?

1. Sonneman's Tubo Fixture. We keep this stylish and versatile 24" LED bath bar stocked and on display in both showrooms in Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel. It's sure to add a sophisticated touch to any bathroom.


2. Tech Lighting's Span Bath Bar. You're going to love the light-guiding diffuser that illuminates the entire surface


Dim to Warm LED: Yes, It is Possible

Posted on Nov 03, 2017 by admin

Nothing beats the cozy, warm vibe that traditional incandescent lamps give off as they dim. Unfortunately, a regular dimmable LED lamp can't produce this same effect.

The good news? There is a solution: warm dim technology—an LED fixture or bulb that has white and amber LED chips inside. When you dim these bulbs, the amber chips incandesce and dim as the white chips dim, producing that warm glow we all love.

Why use warm dim?

  • Perfect for entertaining. Warm light is welcoming light and helps put people at ease. So adding warm dim to fixtures in your dining room and other entertaining spaces is a smart strategy.