Why Work with a Wolfers Lighting Consultant?

Posted on Sep 23, 2017 by Andrea

If you've ever done a big home renovation, you know how many people can get involved: think architects, builders, electricians, cabinetmakers, and so forth.


So why would you want to add a Wolfers Lighting consultant to the mix? Here are three good reasons…

1. Our lighting consultants' deep experience means they've likely encountered your "type" of project before. Are you renovating a kitchen? Creating a breakfast nook? Maybe a kitchen island that also works as place for the kids to do their homework? Or maybe you're redoing the master bathroom or the powder room off the entryway? 


All about Tunable White LED

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 by Andrea


You've probably noticed that not all light sources come in the same color. Fire and candlelight have orange and red colors, for example, while midday sun is distinctly bluer.

Likewise, if you've studied up on LEDs, you've likely noticed that household light fixtures generally come in a few common color temperatures, noted on the Kelvin scale:

  • 2700K – mimics the light from a standard incandescent lamp
  • 3000K – mimics the light color of a halogen lamp (just a tiny bit whiter)

Other color temperatures include 3500K and 4000K. You're more likely to experience these color temperatures in schools, stores, and at the office (or if you have a fluorescent overhead light in your kitchen or garage).

As a rule of thumb, the higher the Kelvin temperature, the bluer the light. The lower the Kelvin temperature, the more amber or orange the light.


Introducing Arnsberg: An Innovative Lighting Manufacturer

Posted on Sep 09, 2017 by admin

We're excited to introduce you to a new lighting manufacturer, Arnsberg.

Founded in Germany by two families with deep experience in the lighting industry, Arnsberg is named after the city of Arnsberg, Germany, an area renowned for its influence on lighting, starting way back in 1830 with petroleum lamps. After the dawn of electricity, the city continued to flourish. Today, it is home to some of the largest lighting companies.

Arnsberg's mission is simple:  to provide "the best lighting available at an affordable price." We love the modern and contemporary stylings of their fixtures—as well as their budget-friendly price points.

Here are some current favorites.

1. Dessau LED Desk Lamp. If you're a fan of sleek lines and contemporary styling, you're going to love the Dessau. Perfect for back to school (or the office), this desk lamp comes in 3000K and offers easy dimming through a handy knob on the base. We keep it stocked in Matte Nickel in both showrooms.


New at Wolfers Lighting: Check Out Our Electronic Shades Display

Posted on Sep 02, 2017 by admin


As you may recall, Wolfers Lighting merged with The Boston Shade Company and System 7 earlier this year. We're thrilled to announce that we've completed our electronic shades display (above) in our Waltham showroom, with Allston to follow.

Our lighting consultants are fielding questions from curious customers who walk into our showrooms thinking "lights," but then they spot the motorized shades. "Hmm," some of them say.

We get it. But here's the thing: when you stop and think about it, selling light fixtures and motorized shades together makes complete sense. Waltham Lighting Consultant Susan Arnold says “ I would like to see shades as the fourth layer of lighting – Accent, Task, Ambient, and Natural Lighting”, where shades can lend additional control of how much light enters a room.