3 Ways to Add Undercabinet Lighting to Your Kitchen

Posted on Jun 23, 2017 by Andrea

Are you thinking about adding undercabinet lighting to your kitchen? It's a smart idea. Here’s why:

  • Boost efficiency. And we're not just talking energy efficiency, although you'll get that as well if you opt for LEDs. Undercabinet lights also provide excellent task lighting, which will make you more efficient as you dice, slice, and chop.
  • Boost your kitchen's value. Layered lighting is in demand—and it's not just a passing fad. Customers who have purchased undercabinet lighting for their kitchen enjoy the additional control they have over the light levels.

At Wolfers, our lighting experts can help you find the ideal undercabinet lighting. Whether you're looking for something as easy as "plug-and-play" or something that's totally customizable, we've got you covered.

Here are some ideas:

1. The Weekend Warrior Project: For this project, we recommend


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Foyer Lighting

Posted on Jun 18, 2017 by Andrea

The right foyer lighting can go a long way in creating a positive initial impression. After all, you want everyone (visitors and inhabitants of the residence alike) to feel safe and welcome as they enter.


Designer Lighting Spotlight: Say Hello to Varaluz

Posted on Jun 09, 2017 by Andrea

We're big fans of Varaluz Lighting. Then again, how could anyone not love a manufacturer that admits to being "Lightly Twisted"?

Here's a video from Varaluz that captures this lightly twisted theme:

Don't let the fun and frivolity kid you, however. Varaluz is a serious lighting manufacturer that produces excellent products. The Varaluz team handcrafts all of its light fixtures and typically uses eco-friendly materials to boot.


Here are a few of our favorite Varaluz lights.

  1. . This fixture demonstrates the "lightly twisted" theme quite well, don't you think? Paired with a nostalgia bulb, this pendant will add a cool vibe to your kitchen island, breakfast nook, or wherever your imagination takes you. See it on display in Allston.

Coming Soon to Wolfers: Motorized Shades for Your Home Renovation

Posted on Jun 04, 2017 by Andrea


We're working on bringing a new shades display to our Waltham and Allston showrooms.

If you've been in either showroom lately, you might have seen some activity going on around our windows. In particular, we've been working on bringing in some motorized shades from The Boston Shade Company.

Introducing Our Motorized Shades Display

We announced earlier this year that we were merging with The Boston Shade Company and System 7, which specializes in technology design.

This marriage, if you will, makes a lot of sense: it's all about making our homes smarter. And nothing says "smart home" like electronic shades that you control with the touch of a button. Same with lighting controls and dimmers. It's all about creating the right atmosphere room by room—be it day or night.


If you're not familiar with the benefits of motorized shades, here are some worth noting:

  1. Enhanced privacy. Do you remember the "old days" of going room-to-room and closing shades and drawing the blinds? This could be a big chore in a big house, often resulting in some rooms being ignored.

    With motorized shades, you can set it and forget it. The shades will open and close, room by room, according to when you want. For example, are you going away for a week, but you want your home to look "lived in" while you're gone? No problem. Set the shades to open and close (and the lights as well).