Lighting Trends 2016: Our Recap of "Lightovation"

Posted on Feb 29, 2016 by Andrea

Last month, Jeff Seigal (one of our owners) flew to Dallas for "Lightovation," the annual international lighting show. Every year, manufacturers bring out their newest lighting products and innovations. (Check out the article we wrote about last year's show.)

We always walk away from this event with interesting news on lighting manufacturers and the latest lighting trends to pay attention to, and this year's show did not disappoint. Here are three nuggets…

Hubbardton Forge Brings Home the Gold

It came as no surprise to us that Vermont-based Hubbardton Forge won the 2016 ARTS Award for Lighting Fixtures. It's their first time winning this prestigious award—an award that's been in existence for nearly three decades. As our regular readers know, we're huge fans of this visionary company (check out this profile we penned).

Hubbardton Forge Introduces Its New Gloss White Finish


Hubbardton showed everyone why it won the big award by introducing its new Gloss White Finish, which the company describes as "a contemporary look that would be right at home in many of today’s modern settings. It’s available as a finish on both steel and aluminum."


We'll let you know the minute the Gloss White Finish is available in our showrooms. In the meantime, there are still plenty of other Hubbardton Forge products to fall in love with, like the Corona Pendant, which we currently show in Dark Smoke (pictured above in Gloss White, Dark Smoke on display in Waltham and Allston).


Kitchen Pendant Lighting: What You Need to Know

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 by admin

There's no denying that pendant lights can beautifully accent your kitchen, but they're also highly functional since they can provide much needed task lighting.

Below are tips for choosing kitchen pendant lighting along with some of our current favorites.


How to Place Kitchen Pendants

Remember, the ideal position involves having the light point directly down on your kitchen islands and bars (remember, it's hard to run wires in these areas).

Hang pendants 30” to 36” above your countertop. To cast more ambient light, choose pendants that are open on top or have lighter colored glass.

LED kitchen pendants make a great choice, but halogen lamps are still popular, thanks to their small bulb size and long life. Here's a selection of kitchen pendants to consider.


Mini Pendants

Are you worried about overwhelming your countertop, island, or breakfast nook with a bulky fixture? A mini pendant offers a great solution: it illuminates the area without overwhelming it. Install multiple mini pendants (most are low-voltage) or place one in just the right spot so it casts the perfect amount of light.


Wolfers Lighting and This Old House

Posted on Feb 12, 2016 by admin

Last fall, we discussed how our very own Susan Arnold would be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of This Old House. The episode, which features a stately Victorian in Belmont, recently aired (it's fabulous—you can watch it here).

We thought we'd discuss in more detail the products that the homeowners chose for their gorgeous home. 

Wolfers Lighting Helps This Old House

One of the challenges the homeowner (Katherine) faced was trying to match the look and feel of an existing fixture in the master bathroom. Katherine and her interior designer, Amanda, turned to Susan Arnold and Wolfers Lighting for help, and they fell in love with this lovely fixture from Visual Comfort (read more about Visual Comfort here).

Moving onto Kitchen Lighting Design… 

For the kitchen, Susan explained that with LEDs, color temperature is flexible and can be selected for your room. This is a good thing, since color affects the feel of the space, including how other objects (such as countertops) appear.

Susan demonstrated a Wolfers favorite: the AFX Noble Pro undercabinet fixture, which boasts various color temperatures and multiple lengths and finishes. (We recommend you bring in your countertop sample so you can see and select the perfect color temperature in Waltham and Allston.)

The beauty of this fixture is that the homeowners can "tune" it to the ideal color for their particular kitchen. In this case, after observing how different color options worked with their countertop and tile selections, the homeowner opted for the coolest color temperature (4000K) because the blues in the light emphasized the blues in the tile and counters.


Lighting Design Tips: Simple Makeovers for the Bathroom

Posted on Feb 08, 2016 by Andrea

A bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a full-on project—changing a few touches can make a big difference. For example, a simple change in lighting can affect the overall feel of the room—for the better.

The lighting design tips and products below offer ideas for simple makeovers to one of the most trafficked rooms in the house: the bathroom. (And if you need more lighting makeover ideas, download our free brochure).

Make bathroom lighting changes to the sink and vanity areas.

Changing your lighting scheme or the lighting fixtures that you're currently using in the sink/vanity area can spruce up your space with minimal investment (in labor and in dollars).

What to keep in mind as you make your selections…

  • Vanity lights are a great way to add light to your sink. Many manufacturers build fixtures that you can mount up or down, depending on the effect you want to achieve. For example, mounting up will bounce light off the ceiling, which helps create a soft glow below. Mounting down will direct light to where you need it most.
  • Sconces mounted on either side of the mirror can also create fantastic light. Pro tip: Place sconces with glare-free glass diffusers ideally 36" apart for even illumination at eye level.
  • Backlit mirrors are another great option. Many manufacturers are emphasizing backlit mirrors or mirrors that implement lighting within the mirror itself. This makes for easy installation.

Add accent lighting to create interesting visual effects and for increased functionality.

In addition to beautifying your space, accent lighting can support your overall lighting efforts.

Ways to use accent lighting:

  • Decorative sconces or pendants can add elegance or ambience (or both) to your bathroom.
  • Under-sink lighting, cove lighting, and toe kick lighting are so much easier to use and install now, thanks to flexible LED tape. Extrusions and lenses will diffuse light and protect the tape from moisture.
  • LED tape can also backlight mirrors, and micro spotlights can pinpoint light on beautiful sinks.

Here are a few of our favorite bathroom lighting products:


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