Wolfers Lighting Celebrates 85 Wonderful, Well-Lit Years

Posted on Jan 29, 2016 by Andrea


Since our founding in 1932, Wolfers Lighting has endeavored to provide customers with innovative and effective lighting solutions.

Of course, a lot has changed in lighting since the 1930s. LEDs didn't exist back then, and even the "modern" incandescent light was only a couple of decades old. (Here's a great visual timeline of lighting milestones.)

The key to longevity in any business is the ability to evolve, and that's something we've done at Wolfers every step of the way.

Every customer who walks through our doors can count on…

  • A friendly, professional lighting consultant who's happy to discuss projects large and small. Whether you're choosing a couple of sconces for your second-floor bath or you need someone to create a thorough lighting plan for your new house that's breaking ground in a couple of months, our experts can help.
  • A wide selection of quality lighting products from respected manufacturers and lighting designers across the globe.
  • Interactive lighting labs that aim to educate you on the evolving nature of lights, specifically LEDs. LED is still a new and intimidating technology for homeowners, designers, and some contractors. Because certain LED fixtures use different dimming protocols, some dimmers will not work with these fixtures. We do the legwork for you and can help specify the right dimmer for your new fixture.
  • A comfortable place to try out lights in different settings so you can get a feel for how different fixtures might work in your home or office.

But, honestly, at the end of the day, the most important thing you'll experience when you walk through our doors is our people. Our incredible employees have dedicated their professional lives to the lighting industry. 

Meet Susan Arnold from our Waltham Lighting Showroom

Susan has over twenty-plus years of experience. When it comes to choosing lighting, she says it's all about "how you live your life with lighting."

Susan's goal is to help you select the right products for your space so you can achieve the vibe you're going for. Listen to what Susan has to say in the short video below. (And be sure to check out our article on the upcoming season of This Old House where Susan serves as a lighting consultant.)


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Strategies in Lighting for the Aging Eye: Think Holtkötter

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 by Steve

As we age, changes in our corneas, pupils, and lenses make translating visual stimuli into images more difficult (as anyone over the age of 40 who's encountered the "my arms aren't long enough" phenomenon can attest!).  

While many lighting manufacturers keep this in mind as they design products, one manufacturer stands out, thanks to its excellent research: Holtkötter Lighting.

As its website explains, "Holtkötter has initiated and supported research at the University of Colorado at Boulder to study and develop the scientific basis of lighting for the aging eye and to research how good lighting can mitigate the effects of the natural physical changes that we all are subjected to as time passes."

As Holtkötter has learned, "good lighting" happens in the details. Think full range dimming controls, moveable reflectors, and infinite arm positions in task lamps. The best part? Holtkötter doesn't skimp on style…the company has found a way to design gorgeous pieces while keeping the aging eye in mind.

Here are two of our favorite Holtkötter Lighting products available at Wolfers.


Staff Picks: LED Bathroom Fixtures

Posted on Jan 08, 2016 by Andrea

Are you thinking about new LED bathroom fixtures to kick off 2016? Here are some tips for choosing the right LEDs for your space:

  • Pay attention to damp or wet-location listings. These certify that your fixture can withstand your bathroom's wet environment. Keep in mind there's a distinction between fixtures that are made specifically for steam showers/saunas and those that are made for your typical shower setup.
  • Understand what the Lighting Facts label is telling you. This is a summary of a light's performance data. Sponsored by the Department of Energy, the label resembles the nutrition facts label you see on food packaging. Its goal is to protect consumers from exaggerated claims, ensuring a satisfactory buying experience.
  • Pay attention to Kelvin temperature (K). A temperature of 2700K provides a warm light while 3000K provides a brighter, whiter (resembling halogen) light source. Another important note: different LED bulbs may have the same Kelvin temperature listed on the box, but Kelvin temperature can vary from one manufacturer to another.
  • Look at the Color Rendering Index (CRI). CRI is the measurement of how well a light source presents colors of materials, surfaces, and objects authentically. A CRI of 90+ will beautifully highlight your paint colors and even skin tone.
  • Review the warranty. What does the warranty cover? Who is the manufacturer? How long is the warranty? (It should be at least five years.) And if the warranty is for five-plus years, how likely will the manufacturer/supplier still be in business? It's important to consider where you're buying your products.
  • Confirm that the fixture is UL or ETL listed. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and ETL is a mark for Intertek Testing Services. Essentially, these certifications assure you that the fixture and bulb have gone through rigorous testing. Consider it a seal of approval. Note: most electricians will not install non-listed fixtures. 

And below, you'll find some of our staff's favorite LED bathroom lighting fixtures.


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Say Hello to KODAK LED Bulbs

Posted on Jan 04, 2016 by admin

If you're not familiar with KODAK LED Lighting products, then step right up and allow us to introduce you.

As its website explains, "KODAK LED Luminaires are designed to provide the best looking light possible. Our experience working with leading architectural and interior designers provides a knowledge base and understanding of lighting that goes beyond engineering."

You can use KODAK products in a wide variety of settings, including hospitality, commercial, and residential. They also work great in retrofit projects. In particular, KODAK specializes in LED bulbs that more authentically look like incandescent.