LED Lighting Products: Say Hello to the Lady 7 from Koncept

Posted on Nov 27, 2015 by Andrea

In late August, as people were getting ready to head back to school and work, we talked up Koncept's flagship product: its Z-bar desk and floor lamps. We're big fans of this company and product line, and our customers love it as well.

Founded in 2002, Koncept is a relatively young company (as far as lighting manufacturers go), but the Koncept designers are producing some incredible LED lighting products. As its website states, Koncept's goal is simple: "Design innovative products that set high standards in the industry and more importantly, make your life safer, simpler and greener."

One of its newest lines—the Lady 7 series—is doing all that, while racking up numerous awards in the process:

  • Japan Good Design Award 2014
  • Spark Award 2014
  • Interiors & Sources Readers' Choice Award 2014
  • iF Design Award 2015

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Need LED Bathroom Lighting Tips? Download our Newest Guide!

Posted on Nov 20, 2015 by Andrea

Over the last year, we've released a couple of guides to help you understand the ins and outs of LED technology as well as tips for lighting your kitchen.

We're thrilled to announce the release of, the perfect accompaniment to the other two. You'll find plenty of LED bathroom lighting tips and more.

Like all of our guides, it's free to download. Click here or on the cover to get the guide.



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Wondering if You Should Retrofit with LED Lights?

Posted on Nov 13, 2015 by admin

There are many Retrofit LED Lights available now.

More and more people are making the move to LEDs, and for good reason. After all, LED technology offers numerous benefits:

  • LEDs last longer than incandescent, halogen, and CFL light bulbs.
  • LEDs produce much less heat than the standard light sources in the marketplace.
  • LEDs offer much more versatility in design, thanks to their small size and color temperature options.
  • LEDs are far more efficient, saving on energy costs.
  • Gas and electric utilities in Massachusetts offer rebates and incentives on certain LED bulbs and fixtures, offsetting the higher price in comparison to incandescent.

In fact, according to Energy.gov, "Today’s LED bulbs can be six to seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights and cut energy use by more than 80 percent." And this: "Switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reduce electricity consumption for lighting by nearly 50 percent, and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions."

But what happens if you want to take advantage of all this LED goodness, but you can’t afford to replace all your fixtures? What should you do?”

Good news! You can often retrofit LED lights into many existing fixtures. Here are the pros and cons to keep in mind…


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Wolfers Lighting Invites You to See It, Touch It, Take It Home

Posted on Nov 07, 2015 by Andrea

In October, we unveiled our "see it, touch it, take it home" promotion, and the fun continues this month.

At Wolfers Lighting, we're all about offering lighting fixtures that will look great in your bathrooms and kitchens, but in order to know you're getting the perfect product for your space, you should experience it in person.

Here are more examples of the fabulous lighting products you can explore when you stop by one of our showrooms.

Go Crazy for Quoizel

Quoizel calls itself "artisans of the lighting industry," and for good reason. Since 1930, this company has "sought out top artisans to apply their handiwork to Quoizel's products and help to establish them as one of the finest manufacturers in the lighting industry."

 Today, Quoizel employs artisans from around the world who use a wide variety of materials and techniques, all of which result in fixtures that are sure to make you go WOW.

  1. Quoizel Chandelier. If you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to your space, you can't go wrong with this six-light chandelier from Quoizel's Serenity Collection. Check out the lovely Italian fresco finish. (Also available with four lights.)