Instant Rebates Available at Wolfers Lighting

Posted on Jul 02, 2012 by admin

Find out what you can save at Wolfers!

Did you know that your business can save money by switching to energy efficient lamps? As part of the Mass Save Lamp Program, Wolfers Lighting is offering instant rebates on qualifying LED directional lamps and reduced wattage linear fluorescent lamps that are installed in business or commercial applications.

By switching to energy-efficient lamps, you will:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Eliminate the purchase of replacement lamps
  • Reduce labor costs

Supplied by Wolfers, reduced wattage linear fluorescent lamps use up to 22% less energy while lasting 33-100% longer than traditional lamps. These can be used in retail stores, offices, schools, hospitals, and parking garages. LED directional lamps, which can be used to replace halogen flood lamps, last at least ten times longer (50,000 hours)! They provide up to 80% energy and cost savings, while also producing less heat. These LEDs are dimmable and are used in museums, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, galleries, and more.


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