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Introducing Arnsberg: An Innovative Lighting Manufacturer

Posted on Sep 09, 2017 by admin

We're excited to introduce you to a new lighting manufacturer, Arnsberg.

Founded in Germany by two families with deep experience in the lighting industry, Arnsberg is named after the city of Arnsberg, Germany, an area renowned for its influence on lighting, starting way back in 1830 with petroleum lamps. After the dawn of electricity, the city continued to flourish. Today, it is home to some of the largest lighting companies.

Arnsberg's mission is simple:  to provide "the best lighting available at an affordable price." We love the modern and contemporary stylings of their fixtures—as well as their budget-friendly price points.

Here are some current favorites.

1. Dessau LED Desk Lamp. If you're a fan of sleek lines and contemporary styling, you're going to love the Dessau. Perfect for back to school (or the office), this desk lamp comes in 3000K and offers easy dimming through a handy knob on the base. We keep it stocked in Matte Nickel in both showrooms.


New at Wolfers Lighting: Check Out Our Electronic Shades Display

Posted on Sep 02, 2017 by admin


As you may recall, Wolfers Lighting merged with The Boston Shade Company and System 7 earlier this year. We're thrilled to announce that we've completed our electronic shades display (above) in our Waltham showroom, with Allston to follow.

Our lighting consultants are fielding questions from curious customers who walk into our showrooms thinking "lights," but then they spot the motorized shades. "Hmm," some of them say.

We get it. But here's the thing: when you stop and think about it, selling light fixtures and motorized shades together makes complete sense. Waltham Lighting Consultant Susan Arnold says “ I would like to see shades as the fourth layer of lighting – Accent, Task, Ambient, and Natural Lighting”, where shades can lend additional control of how much light enters a room.


Go Back to School in Style with Our Favorite LED Task Lamps

Posted on Aug 27, 2017 by Andrea

Before you know it, we'll be talking pumpkins, turkeys, and Christmas trees, but until then, it's all about back to school (and work).

Head back in style with a fabulous and functional LED task lamp from Koncept.

First, here's a primer on task lighting:

1. What is task lighting? Unlike ambient and accent lighting, we use task lighting to better see work surfaces. Kitchen counters, bedside tables, desks, and workbenches all benefit from specific lighting fixtures that cast light down to make chopping, reading, writing, drilling, and other work easier to see—and with less eye strain to boot.

2. What should you keep in mind when selecting a good task lighting lamp for your desk?
  • Dimming. Too much or too little light can lead to strained eyes. Choose a desk lamp with dimming capabilities so that you can regulate output as needed.
  • Flexibility. You should be able to easily adjust the lamp. All of our favorite desk lamps are easy to adjust for perfect glare-free light.
  • Size. Always consider size. For example, you'll likely want a lamp with a longer arm for a larger, wider desk.


Koncept: The Leaders in Dedicated Task Lighting

Founded in 2002, Koncept is an award-winning LED manufacturer specializing in floor and table/desk lamps for home and office use.

Here are some of our current favorites from Koncept. Note: All the fixtures below are on display (and generally in stock) in both showrooms.

1. Z Bar Mini. This lamp puts the "fun" in functional. You'll love how the line of LEDs casts even light, not to mention the easy-to-move arm allows you to direct the light where you need it.


Tech Lighting Dazzles

Posted on Aug 11, 2017 by admin

We're big fans of Tech Lighting, and for good reasons:

  1. Tech Lighting offers excellent designs. Their on-trend unique fixtures always look fabulous and come in a variety of gorgeous finishes.
  1. Tech Lighting is an established manufacturer of low-voltage fixtures. Tech Lighting's monorail and low-voltage pendant systems make it easy to add plenty of light to your kitchen, bar, breakfast nook, dining room, and other areas of your home.
  1. Tech Lighting knows how to use LEDs. With the invention of LED, they have pushed the envelope further, with fantastic LED options (both integral fixtures and retrofit lamps) that provide excellent light output and quality.
  1. Tech Lighting offers easy-to-build systems. With a pendant, choose your canopy, fixture, and light source (LED or halogen). Monorail can be a decorative alternative to track lighting.
  1. Tech Lighting has expanded its lines. Tech Lighting has branched out to include bathroom lighting, line voltage decorative fixtures (e.g., flush mounts, sconces), and outdoor lighting as well.

While Tech Lighting produces fantastic decorative fixtures, it also manufactures ELEMENT—a cutting edge line of recessed architectural fixtures featuring high CRI and warm dim recessed lights in a variety of apertures and lighting outputs.


It's Time for Our Annual Summer Lighting Sale

Posted on Aug 03, 2017 by Andrea

Who knows what's going on with the Massachusetts tax-free weekend this year? Not to worry, because we're offering great savings all month long.

Through the end of August, you can save up to 40% on lighting for your home during our annual summer lighting sale. Think bathroom vanity lights, sconces, pendants, even outdoor fixtures.

Worth special note: We're offering excellent savings on select Schonbek sconces, pendants, and chandeliers.


Lighting Product Alert: Small-size LED Fixtures for Nooks & Crannies

Posted on Jul 29, 2017 by Andrea

Closets, pantries, and cupboards are all examples of spaces in your home that might not have enough light. What's a homeowner to do? Say hello to small-size LED fixtures.

If you've been researching LEDs, you already know they're energy efficient and long lasting. But they also come in smaller sizes, making them an ideal lighting solution for tight spaces.

So where should you add these smaller LED lights? Conduct a home audit:

  • Walk through your home and identify areas where there isn't much (if any) light, such as coat closets, pantries, bookshelves, even cupboard storage.
  • Next, look for areas where additional light could help. For example, lighting above kitchen cupboards or in toe-kick molding can add accent light to accentuate beautiful cabinetry while serving as the perfect night light.

Now onto products. Here are some good choices in small-fixture LEDs:

1. Juno 2" LED recessed fixture. We love this small-aperture LED recessed fixture. Already configured as a "remodeler fixture," the entire fixture can be installed through the small hole in the ceiling.


Coastal Lighting Trends: Perfect for any Interior

Posted on Jul 22, 2017 by Andrea

Let's face it: when it comes to home décor, nautical and coastal themes are no surprise in New England, especially this time of year.


Landscape Lighting Pro Tips: Why You Should Use LEDs

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 by Andrea

Having a solid landscape lighting strategy provides numerous benefits, including safety and security. Lighting up pathways, driveways, entrances, and so forth can help people avoid slips and falls. And outside motion sensor lights can deter thieves and animals alike.

But what kind of bulbs/lamps should you use? The short answer: LEDs. Here's why…

1. LED is low voltage + low power. Most landscape lights already run on low voltage power. Low voltage wire is easier to run from a transformer due to its smaller size. Low voltage wire is also much safer—chopping through a low voltage wire with a shovel would be a surprise, but chopping through a line voltage wire could be deadly (we're talking the difference between 12 volts and 120 volts).

 LED fixtures consume a fraction of the watts that even low voltage halogen lamps do


NEW: We're Expanding Our Hubbardton Forge Gallery

Posted on Jul 08, 2017 by Andrea

If you're looking for ways to beat the heat this month, stop by one of our lighting showrooms to see the newest fixtures from Hubbardton Forge.

Regular readers of our blog know how much we love this company, and with good reason: they make each fixture by hand, which means you get a truly one-of-a-kind product for your home. Their designs are always inventive. Just when you think they couldn't possibly create another fresh and original piece, they launch two new lines: Vermont Modern and Synchronicity.

We're stocking products from both lines now, and they do not disappoint. Here are some of our current staff favorites.

1. Mobius LED Mini Pendant. This pendant will lead to interesting conversations, no doubt. Named after the mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius who discovered the Möbius Strip,


Lighting Trends: Say Hello to Copper Finishes

Posted on Jul 01, 2017 by Andrea

Move over nickel. There's a new finish in town that's taking the design world by storm: copper!

To be fair, we're seeing many different lighting trends when it comes to sleek finishes for kitchens and baths, including bronze, aged brass, and rosy copper. But copper finishes are definitely leading the pack and becoming more popular.

And what's not to love? The right copper fixture can work in any design scheme—traditional to modern to contemporary.

We’re not alone in our thinking, either. This article speaks to the rise of copper as well: "Whereas chrome could seem cold and clinical and gold signaled 'a bit of bling', copper provided a warming, sophisticated glow that could be easily incorporated into interior schemes to add an element of understated, cool lux."

Another bonus? Copper's hard-but-malleable finish can yield long-lasting fixtures as well as ones that provide a "living finish" that will patina over time.

Here are some current staff favorites (we recommend seeing them in person to experience the full effect):